Game 42: Yankees vs. RED SOX

Tampa Bay Rays

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6 games, 6 losses- I am concerned, Yankees.  I usually have patience for losses and expect that the Yankees will come back because they always do, but this slump really hurts.  The Yankees are just not hitting with enough power and precision to keep the leads in games.  They are not consistently playing their A game and the errors are just awful- they are fourth in the league in errors this season.  This is what it feels like to be a Met fan- a series of let downs and unfortunate events.  The Wall Street Journal blog has it right- the Yankees just look old!  The Rays beat the Yankees 6-5 and the Bombers are a game above 500 with a record of 20-19.  The Yankees blew a 5-1 lead- Curtis Granderson hit his 14th home run of the season and the Yankees could not use that to earn a victory.  Not much more to say, drama with Posada, A-Rod and his errors, Jeter and his hitting woes- we need the Yankees to come out of this trance and start winning ball games.

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Talkin' Pinstripes is a blog dedicated to the NY Yankees and their ups and downs during the 2011 season. Written by Chris Carbonaro, his mom Suzanne and friend Danielle Hickey, we hope you will join us often for comments after each Yankee game!
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