Game 73: YANKEES vs. Reds

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 19:  Boone Logan #48 of the...

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The inter league win streak continues in Ohio tonight as the Yankees and 7 game winner Ivan Nova grab one from the Reds 5-3. The Yankees strike first with 4 runs in the first off of hit after hit from the Yankee lineup. A 4-hitter by Ivan Nova tonight- a great mix up of pitches and strong sliders tonight kept the Reds quiet- Nova only gave up one run. He went into the 8th inning with good control and diverse pitches. It was a good win for the Yankees but Boone Logan kept it interesting in the late innings. Girardi chalks it up to sitting for a week, but it should be a concern for the Yankees with the short-handedness of the bull pen due to some injuries.

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Talkin' Pinstripes is a blog dedicated to the NY Yankees and their ups and downs during the 2011 season. Written by Chris Carbonaro, his mom Suzanne and friend Danielle Hickey, we hope you will join us often for comments after each Yankee game!
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